Toronto, Ontario


Message From CEO

AeroStream collaborates with clients in solving the toughest challenges they face in their businesses—and the world. We do this by channeling the right resources and expertise through diversity of our people and their innovative thinking.

Orville McCalla
Toronto office

Company Overview

Earning the right

As a first order of business, we help companies, organizations and individuals make a difference. Our effort gets to the heart of the matter. We breakdown silos, because it takes more than any one person or policy to tackle big issues like asset management, redundancies or company sustainability. We prescribe a custom formula of collaboration, investment, and new ways of doing business in order to help you make progress.

But how do we do it? We like to call it earning your business, by walking the talk and delivering on our promise.

AeroStream serves to assist companies, organizations, and people generate creative ideas in order to succeed. Our platform is geared towards empowers millions of people — from individuals and local artists to entrepreneurs shaping the world’s most iconic businesses. We work to assure the safe operation and performance of complex critical systems; develop safety leadership and culture; manage safety and risk in high-hazard industries; understand complex project risks, measure and report risk performance. We work across the wide spectrum of the aviation industry and public sector organizations that include upstream and downstream of the air transportation industry. We work worldwide in Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe based out of our offices in Toronto Canada.

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